What is Holy Fire Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki being introduced by the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT). The Holy Fire Reiki energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness. It is a powerful yet gentle energy that burns away all that is no longer serving your highest good. The energy of Holy Fire Reiki is constantly evolving. Because of this, the Holy Fire energy upgrades based on the needs of our planetary consciousness, your specific needs on your own healing path and finally, the more you use it in meditation and the healing practice you share with others.

The use of the word “holy” in Holy Fire is not intended to have a religious meaning, as Reiki is a non-dogmatic practice. The word holy refers to its root meaning- to be whole and complete. Holy Fire creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.

Why Learn Holy Fire Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki is a spiritual path. This style of Reiki has unlimited potential in terms of healing your issues and developing your spiritual nature. It works directly with your Spirit and therefore, has the potential of developing higher levels of consciousness within you. Those who have followed this path have found it to open up into an amazing opportunity for the continual unfolding of qualities that are healthy for a person to have.

Holy Fire Reiki heals religious trauma and has the potential to heal any and all trauma you have experienced on all levels, in all directions of time. It’s important to note that Holy Fire always respects your free will and will allow you to decide if you would like to follow this path. It respects where you are at in your healing process and “knows” exactly what you need in each moment. If you are drawn to Holy Fire Reiki or other styles of Reiki, sit in meditation and ask for guidance on which path to choose.

What makes Holy Fire Reiki classes different than traditional Usui or Tibetan classes?

First, the main and most prominent difference in how Holy Fire Reiki classes are taught versus the way others are taught is the process in which the Reiki energies are handed down to the student. In traditional classes, the energy is passed from teacher to student via the attunement process, which entails physical interaction between the teacher and the student.

In Holy Fire Reiki classes, the energy is passed to the students via the placement process, which is conducted by the Holy Fire Reiki energy itself. This allows for the energies to be engrained into the student without any physical or energetic interference from the teacher. In the placement process, the teacher simply holds the space and calls in the Holy Fire Reiki to do the work while the students are held in a safe, sacred and receptive meditative state. The outcome of the attunement and placement process is the same but the methods are different.

Holy Fire Reiki classes also feature a variety of meditative journeys that are deeply healing. The teacher initially guides the meditation and then calls in the Holy Fire to take over and work with each student individually, based on the specific Holy Fire experience that is being facilitated.

If one chooses the Holy Fire Reiki path it is important to note that at the Master level, one would receive two new symbols-the Holy Fire symbol and the Usui Master symbol. Choosing the Holy Fire path eliminates the need for the Tibetan Master symbols and this is a distinct difference between the Holy Fire Reiki Master path and the Tibetan Reiki Master path. However, Holy Fire respects free will and that of a teacher. It is at the completion of the Master level of training that a Reiki practitioner is now able to teach others how to do Reiki and honor its principles. With new upgrades in the Holy Fire II Reiki energy, one is able to teach all styles of Reiki (if they are trained to do so). The teacher is encouraged to connect with Spirit in meditation on the ability to teach all styles effectively and for the highest good of all. This means if you have been trained as a Tibetan Reiki Master and decide to learn Holy Fire Reiki, you can still teach Tibetan Master classes or other styles of Reiki if you are guided and trained to do so. However, if you are taking a Master or Karuna® class for the first time and it is a Holy Fire class, you will only be given the knowledge, wisdom and tools of the Holy Fire symbol and the symbols pertaining to that specific level of training.

Note: On my Reiki path, I have only taken Holy Fire Reiki classes at all levels of my training.

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Receiving the Holy Fire Energy vs. Experiencing It

It is important to note that one receives the Holy Fire Reiki energy at the Master levels of training or higher, in the Karuna® levels. Receiving this energy means that the Holy Fire is ignited into your being at all levels and also, that you receive the symbol to use in your practice along with your other symbols. Receiving the Holy Fire energy at the Master level or higher allows you to teach Reiki using the Holy Fire methods, principles and placement processes.

Experiencing the Holy Fire Reiki allows you to feel the qualities of the energy and the energy itself but does not directly ignite the energy into your being at an energetic or spiritual level. Instead, it works with your Spirit directly to provide your own healing on all levels needed in that moment. One may experience the Holy Fire in a Holy Fire Reiki session or guided meditation, or in the first two levels or degrees of Reiki.

The difference between receiving the Holy Fire and experiencing the Holy Fire is that the latter only allows you to experience it, while the first gives you the ability to channel and invoke the energy in healing and teaching practice through the placement and ignition process.

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